Dear Parents,

We appreciate so much your support of our school and the various activities we provide for your children. We always want to ensure their safety at school and on school sponsored activities.  The state legislature passed a new law this past year (53A-15-1503) that we need to implement starting this coming school year.

Any volunteer who will have unsupervised access to your children (such as field trip supervision or volunteer tutoring outside the classroom) will now need to have a regional-level background check.  This is a more broad background check and fingerprinting process that needs to be completed at the Alpine School District office.  The cost is $55.00.  This is a state law that our district and our school are required to follow.  

An important new feature of this background check is that you will only have to complete it once; this background check will be good for a lifetime and cover every school in the district.

Please note that the background process takes longer than the previous one.  If you are planning on attending a field trip or volunteering at any point this year and have not been background checked at the district you will need to make an appointment to have the fingerprinting and background check completed.  

Please contact the district office (801-610-8400) as soon as possible and ask to be transferred to the office making appointments for parent background checks.

Once your background check is completed the district office will notify our school and we will keep your name on the approved list for our teachers to easily access.  You should also receive notification from the district as well.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call our office.

Thanks for your support!

Greenwood Elementary